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FIFA Creation League

The way transfers is being done is basically put a post of the players you want to sign into the transfers section i.e

RW - Ronaldo - Real Madrid - 89 - £40m

If anyone else bids for a player you want then you and whoever else wants that player will go into a bidding war for that player.
You cannot pull out of a transfer if 6 hours or more have passed since you originaly placed your bid... if you want to pull out you will receive a fine (depending on how many times you have done this before fines will vary) after 24 hours a transfer will be complete.

1. No Custom Or Default Formations. Only EA Pre Set Formations Allowed!

2. Play Sporting And Fair (I.E, No Scoring From A Keepers Accidental Role Out) (in the event this happens upload a video and based on what the admins/mods believe the goal may be ruled out)

3. In The Event Of A Player Disconnecting Or Micro Lag (Split Games)
Rehost And Play The Remainder Of The Game With The Score As It Was Before The Micro Lag Or Disconnection.

4. Anyone Found Cheating Will Be Banned!

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